Pod as a Service

Petti aims to partner and Install pods strategically to community members around the city. We are partnering with retail business owners, City governments and the hospitality sector to locate our pods. Partners can invest a very minimum and get good returns by installing pods in their business locations.

The Hunt for Private Space is ON !

40% of people near your business are looking for a private and quiet space. Your business can benefit and earn by solving this problem through petti pods.

Benefits of installing pod

Additional revenue
Attracting New customer
Retaining Loyal customers
Increase in sales to your business
Call now to explore the possibility of partnering with Pettipod to install pods in your location and put that empty space to use.
A product that looks great and works best
Our Petti pods are made for sharing economy and outdoor environments with a strong materials and new technologies inbuilt.
Auto Disinfection and Cleaning
5G Internet
Remote booking & management system
Secure and Strong product
Good aesthetics
We take care of maintaining the product with zero add-on cost to you.